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Ringtail Learning is a full-service publishing company focusing on children's products. Our mission of "delighting and educating" drives our search for educational content that inspires kids to want to learn. That's what "lemur learning" is all about!

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Books, eBooks, music and more! Ringtail Learning recognizes that we all learn differently. Whatever your learning style, we've got you covered

Our Mission

Imagine a classroom buzzing with enthusiasm and imagination. Ringtail Learning believes that learning CAN and SHOULD be FUN. Come and see what "Lemur Learning" is all about.

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Are you an educator at heart looking to share your ideas with a broader audience? Let Ringtail Learning be your guide as you turn your ideas into reality.

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Expertise, elbow-grease and energy. These are the pillars of Ringtail Learning's success. Make our expertise yours!

Lemur Pup

This precocious little lemur engages early readers with colorful drawings, musical prose and entertaining stories.

Mister Lemur

A clever storyteller, Mister Lemur will engage elementary school children with witty wordplay, humorous stories and rhythmic prose.

The Scheming Lemurs

With band-members from as far away as Madagascar and Australia, the Scheming Lemurs will delight you with their worldly beats and entertaining songs.

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Put a smile on their face and a book in their hands! Donate a book or school visit today.

Mister Lemur is AWESOME! - Jake, 3rd grade, Hughes Elementary School, CA