Ringtail Learning creates fun and subtly educational content for inquisitive young minds. We emphasize books, songs and other media that delight and educate children from ages 2-12.

Our motto, “Moving Kids Forward, Taking Parents Back” reflects our desire to share stories that both entertain and educate children while also reminding parents of their own childhood reading experiences.

We believe that authors should be celebrated, and we encourage young readers to aspire to become writers. Our authors typically undergo “transformations” to become animated, adventuring heroes.

Ringtail Writers

Oliver “Mister” Lemur

Mister Lemur

Mister Lemur

(Ringtail Author since 2010)

Mister Lemur is a ring tailed lemur from Ranomafana national park inMadagascar. He is a writer, musician and adventurer. When he is not writing award winning collections of short stories, Mister Lemur can be found playing the bass guitar for The Scheming Lemurs or engaging in international adventures with his friends.

His first book, Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought received the gold medal for Children’s Poetry in the 2011 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought is a collection of 66 short, rhyming stories that wrap lessons in science, geography and vocabulary in a fun, rhyming context. These stories were crafted to make elementary aged readers laugh and smile. After reading a Mister Lemur story, a young reader has had fun… and learned something without realizing they were learning!

Mister Lemur comes from a family of literary lemurs, and his sister Lemur Pup is also signed to Ringtail Learning. For more fun and learning, visit http://www.misterlemur.com.

The Scheming Lemurs

(Ringtail Musicians since 2012)

The Scheming Lemurs

The Scheming Lemurs

Band members Silky, Numbat, Mister Lemur and Jenny Hart travel the world playing music and sharing adventures. With musicians from Madagascar, Australia and the US, this multi-lingual troop is at home around the world, and their tours introduce young imaginations to international geographies and cultures.

The band members’ diverse musical backgrounds allow The Scheming Lemurs’ music to span many genres. Their first full length album, “Adventures In Your Head,” includes Latin, Reggae, Spanish, and electronic tunes, as well as a pirate inspired waltz.

The Scheming Lemurs hope their music and adventures will inspire young adventurers to read, learn, and travel. The “Adventures In Your Head” album also invites listeners to explore their own musical abilities and to think about what they will be when they grow up…or what they would have been if they had lived 500 years ago!

Visit http://www.thescheminglemurs.com to see where the band’s travels, and your imagination, will take you next!

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Lemur Pup

Lemur Pup

Lemur Pup

Lemur Pup is a young lemur from Ranomafana National Park in Madagascar. She was introduced to writing at a young age by her brother Oliver. Her colorfully illustrated, rhyming life lessons have been a big hit with readers (and those who like to hear others read) age 2-7.

Lemur Pup’s first book, The Santa Claus Alarm, invites you on a fun and subtly educational holiday adventure. Readers join this precocious little lemur as she installs a Santa Claus alarm in her home in an attempt to finally meet Santa. In the adventure that ensues, Lemur Pup gains perspective on the joy that Santa delivers and learns that, “We all can be like Santa Claus on any given day. We each can share some gifts and smiles and love in our own way.”

See more of Lemur Pup’s world at http://www.lemurpup.com!